With the new Xojo 2020 r2 version, there have been a few changes for 0-based drawing and using the GraphicsPath technique. This example incorporates both changes into a modified method to work with these changes, and the output is shown below.

*Uses Xojo API2




The loop to run games is the main and most-important loop, as the game will not run without it. There are not many articles on Game Loops with the Desktop with Xojo. I will talk about four different types of game loops, and will provide the pros and cons of these game loops and will then provide the best one (in my humble opinion) to use. This article will involve a little of the math(s) topic, so let’s dig in shall we!

Four types of loops to run games are: 1) Timer, 2) Simple Game Loop, 3) Minimum Time Loop (Maximum FPS), and 4) Minimum Time and Interpolation (Best at the moment).

The loops will be measured in microseconds, which means that 1,000,000 microseconds is equal to 1 second. For the below examples, the chosen frame rate is 60 frames-per-second (FPS), which means that the loop should draw equally, and every time, at 16,666 microseconds (1,000,000 microseconds/60 FPS).

Xojo Game Loop