Chip5 300x300Increase your knowledge and understanding of MemoryBlocks with Xojo for memory management. MemoryBlocks are similar to Pointers in the C++ language, except they are for Xojo. This book provides working examples to modify memory, work with structures, and work with binary files. Eugene goes through Bitwise Operations, classic and new framework reading and writing of memory blocks, adding, editing, and removing data, and binary streams.

MemoryBlocks are difficult to master, and provide added speed and flexibility to your programs. Because this is a more challenging topic, there are few resources that are written and even less examples are available. This book provides information and examples on how to work through each solution whether you are a beginning or advanced Xojo programmer.

  • Introduces memoryblock addresses and data theory
  • Learn about data assignment and retrieval
  • Techniques available for text encoding and decoding
  • Code for Windows, OSX and Linux OS’s
  • Understand solutions with strings and text
  • Create, save, and read binary mixed data type binary data files
  • Examples include both Classic MemoryBlock and New Framework MemoryBlock data types
  • And more…

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There are more than 180 pages with over 55 example programs that encompasses 10 Chapters. These examples were written an tested with Xojo 2017 r2.

This ebook is a pdf formatted document and all examples include Xojo code. It is presumed that you have an intermediate understanding of the Xojo programming language.

Click to download the I Wish I Knew How To... Use MemoryBlocks with Xojo Table of Contents, which has a listing of all the examples in the books, and many terms, and commands used with MemoryBlocks.