I Wish I Knew How To… Program the Canvas Control 2 with Xojo Desktop will provide you with the ability to learn how to modify pictures, graphics, make animation, and how to make two games.XandOs
The focus of this book is to work with topics related to the Canvas Control. All of these examples are created with native Xojo code and does not use any third party programs. The examples have been tested on Windows 10, OS X Mojave 10.14.3, and Ubuntu 18.04 Operating Systems.
By the time you finish the book you will be able to apply skills from these examples to create your own programs!
Examples were tested on Xojo 2018 r4. There is an older book that has legacy code for Xojo 2014 r2 that works without the changes in the Xojo Language.  

microsoft word logoThere are 16 chapters and contains over 300 pages with over 100 example programs. The book is a live document and will likely have updates in the future.
Examples include files, text modification, printing, tables, and more.  Many screenshots have been added to show the results of the code with an index to help find topics quickly.
This book “I Wish I Knew How to … Program Word 2010-2016 with Xojo in Windows” builds a strong foundation of programming a report.

WinDeclare300x198Xojo Windows Declare Version 3.2 has just been finished with more examples, more constants, more data, more explanations, updates from ANSI to Unicode, all Windows 10 compatible, both 32-bit and 64-bit compatible, and updated to Xojo 2019 r1.  

Xojo provides a RAD (Rapid Application Development) environment because it protects the user from the Operating System. Xojo has many helpful functions, and declares add to this existing toolbox.

Tapping into the Operating System directly with Declares opens up almost all of the options available for a program - but you are also out of the protection of the safe IDE (Integrated Development Environment) of Xojo. With the ability to change anything with the program or operating system, improper code also provides the ability of a crash. This is written for intermediate and advanced programmers of Xojo.

Thanks to Julian Samphire for work on the 64-bit version of the ChooseColor example and for his comprehensive list of Xojo Data Type Conversions

All examples have been converted to 32-bit, 64-bit, ANSI, and Unicode versions.This book is Version 3.2 (May 2019).

python logoYou can do many things with Python 3, and some have built a electronics, graphics, and mich more. This book provides the building blocks to work with Python to create controls and interact with forms/windows on Windows, Ubuntu, and Raspberry Pi 32-bit Desktops. Most of the examples work on the Macintosh computer, although there are some issues that need to be worked out with the latest operating system.  

There are many books that create console programs for Python, which is great to determine the logic of a program works well. However, there is very little informaiton on creating and controls that interact with forms and controls and interact with forms with Windows and Python 3. This is where this book is helpful.

You can start building your own form projects with Python 3 today!