CLIPicI Wish I Knew How To...Begin Programming Visual Studio 2019 C++/CLI and .NET on Windows Desktop will give you the starting code and controls needed to build your desktop program. Examples are shown with Variables, Conditional Statements, Arrays, Function and Subroutines, a long list of Controls, Text Files, and beginning simple Graphics.

This book is an introduction to those programmers who already know another language and are asked to update an existing C++/CLI program. Although the author wouldn't create a new project in C++/CLI, there is a large amount of programs written in this language that require maintenance, updates, and expanding of current projects.

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C++/CLI is a slightly different language than pure C++ since the 'CLI' portion of the language largely looks after memory management for you.

What is included in this book?

  • 10 Chapters with over 300 pages
  • More than 55 example projects
  • All examples include code that you can open and run
  • Uses the latest version of Visual Studio (2019)
  • Uses the Community (Free) version of Visual Studio
  • This is a great way to learn C++ while minimizing issues with memory


Topics and information about the book can be viewed in the Table of Contents CLI.

ISBN: 978-1-927924-25-9