JavaLogo300Java is one of the most common programming languages, and this book provides many starting examples written in the IntelliJ community version of the IDE. 

There are many book that create programs with Java, and very few books that use the controls within the IDE, which this book does. This book also includes information and examples on how to interact with forms and use common aspects of the Java language. 

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There are 14 chapters with over 250 pages of example code. Many screenshots are added to show the running example program, and an index to quickly find topics. Examples include many of the controls, SQLite Database, Canvas, and much more.  Many screenshots have been added to show the results of the code with an index to help find topics quickly. The ebook is pdf formatted with all examples including Java code.

Topics of examples include windows/forms, JTextField, JLabel, JEditorPane, JButtons, JLabels, additional commands, functions, classes/module introduction, text files, canvas, SQLite database introduction, and more.

There are many different types of ways to edit code, and the IntelliJ IDE is a common free version that is available for many operating systems. It’s a great way to start!