python logoYou can do many things with Python 3, and some have built a electronics, graphics, and mich more. This book provides the building blocks to work with Python to create controls and interact with forms/windows on Windows, Ubuntu, and Raspberry Pi 32-bit Desktops. Most of the examples work on the Macintosh computer, although there are some issues that need to be worked out with the latest operating system.  

There are many books that create console programs for Python, which is great to determine the logic of a program works well. However, there is very little information on creating and controls that interact with forms and controls and interact with forms with Windows and Python 3. This is where this book is helpful.

You can start building your own form projects with Python 3 today!

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There are 17 chapters and over 175 pages with more than 70 example programs. Many screenshots have been added to show the results of the code with an index to help find topics quickly. All example have been tested in 32-bit and 64-bit modes (where available) and the ebook is pdf formatted with all examples including Python 3 code.

Almost of these examples include windows/forms, listbox, scrollbar, drop-down menus, buttons, labels, additional widgets, functions, classes/module introduction, text files, canvas, SQLite database introduction, and more.

There are many different types of ways to edit code, and the IDLE IDE is a common free version that is available for many operating systems. It's a great way to start!

It is assumed that you have an intermediate understanding of both electronics and programming of the Xojo language. 

This ebook is a pdf formatted document and all examples include Python code. Here is the Table Of Contents. The book can be purchased at Purchase Python GUI with IDLE.

ISBN: 978-1-927924-22-8