microsoft word logoThere are 16 chapters and contains over 300 pages with over 100 example programs. The book is a live document and will likely have updates in the future.
Examples include files, text modification, printing, tables, and more.  Many screenshots have been added to show the results of the code with an index to help find topics quickly.
This book “I Wish I Knew How to … Program Word 2010-2016 with Xojo in Windows” builds a strong foundation of programming a report.
This book is written as a guide and reference to Xojo programmers who program Desktop Applications in Windows. There are no plugins, dynamic link libraries (dll), COM, or Active X parts to add. Examples work with the new Microsoft Word 2016 (docx) file format. Word is an alternative to the many available reporting programs.
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The ‘I Wish I Knew’ series contains technical data and advice that makes sense and contains practical and numerous examples with explanations to allow you to ease into the steep programming curve. You can create Microsoft Word documents today! The book is in PDF format with example chapter folders containing Xojo source code and running examples.
This book can be purchased at Xojo Library where many great Real Studio resources are available. 
New to Version 2.0 - October 2013
  1. Updated examples to the new Xojo format
  2. Integrated instruction for the new GUI Xojo style
  3. Updated and expanded index to easier find methods
  4. Plugin addition instructions
  5. Added open password protected file (example 2-7)
  6. Modify example 3-6 window title
  7. Default example files to C:\test\ folder
  8. Change example 3-6 Colour example for fifth word
  9. Update example 4-7 window title
  10. Change example 6-1 window header
  11. Rename example 7-3 file
  12. Added table cell shading (example 9-17)
  13. Update example 10-5
  14. Updated example 10-6
  15. Update example 11-3 printer settings
  16. Feedback request 21378 has been fixed for InchesTo... Conversion (11-4)
  17. Updated and added references to index
  18. Updated table of contents


New to Version 2.2 - September 2015

  1. Added save PDF file
  2. Added htm file saving
  3. Added 25 different file save types
  4. Added highlighting text (Example 3-11)
  5. Added unhighlighting text (Example 3-12)
  6. Add a picture to a table (Example 9-18)


New to Version 2.3 -  September 2016

  1. Added UTF-8 SaveAs2 file types (Example 2-10)
  2. Added UTF-8 Open file types (Example 2-11)
  3. List all open Word Documents (Example 2-12)
  4. Search form a specific running document (2-13)
  5. Silently closea specific document (2-14)


New to Version 2.4 - December 2017

  1. Added new >2010 Word go To Bookmark Example (Example 10-6a)
  2. Added Checkbox content controls (Example 16-1)
  3. Added Combobox control (Example 16-2)
  4. Added Control Date Picker (Example 16-3)
  5. Added Drop-Down List Control (Example 16-4)
  6. Added Picture Control (Example 16-5)
  7. Added Plain Text Control (Example 16-6)
  8. Added Rich Text Control (Example 16-7)
  9. Added Bullet example (Example 16-7)


New to Version 2.5 - January 2019

  1. Added FileDialog SaveAs Example 2-15
  2. Added PDF Bookmarks to find information easier
ISBN: 978-0-9880947-7-2