HTML5 CSS JavaScript WebWith the trio of HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript almost anything can be developed for a webpage, there is even a well developed Got Milk ( website that uses these elements for an inspiring website. You can use these same tools to create your own unique jaw-dropping design.

I Wish I Knew How To... Program HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with Xojo shows how to integrate these three powerful languages to be used in Xojo Websites! This book is for intermediate Xojo programmers who have an understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and would like the tools to integrate this into a Xojo Website using the WebControlWrapper.

The aim of this book is to use these three languages in Xojo. For those who are not familiar with these languages there are many other great resources on the internet for learning these skills. 


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There are examples for:

  • Animation
  • Pictures
  • Loading files in various ways
  • Changing code (elements) during runtime
  • Lists
  • CSS Styles
  • JavaScript Libraries
  • and much more

There are 13 chapters with more than 210 pages with over 50 example programs. 

This is an electronic book in pdf format and all of the examples contain Xojo code. This is one of the many books which can be purchased at Xojo Library. Here is the books Table Of Contents with the index, and an example.

ISBN: 978-1-927924-14-3

All of the examples have been tested on Windows 10, OS X El Capitan, and Ubuntu 15.10 32-bit versions with Xojo version 2015 r4. There are known issues with Firefox on the Ubuntu OS with sound and video playback, and examples seem to run fine in Google Chrome on Ubuntu.