I Wish I Knew How To ... Begin Programming Xojo Web is an introductory book which will give you the tools and knowledge to begin programming a webpage for the internet. This book includes static and dynamic webpages which can also be integrated with a database.

This book introduces many of the fundamentals to create webpages which include CGI and Standalone applications. Both HTTP and HTTPS standalone examples are covered with a focus on HTTP CGI's. There are many different configurations for a complete HTTP and HTTPS CGI server and are beyond this introductory writing and are only lightly discussed. Working examples are for the Xojo Web class and does not cover socket examples, as this is a complete book on its own. 

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This is written as a guide and introductory reference to Xojo programmers who want to learn to program Web Applications in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (Ubuntu - 32 bit) operating systems. There are no dynamic link libraries (dll), COM, or Active X parts to add. It is suggested that Standalone applications be studied before examining tougher Apache CGI applications. 

There are 18 chapters with more than 290 pages and over 70 example programs. This is an introductory programming book for the web.

Examples include data types, styles, comparing (If-End), object introduction, error handling, sessions, cookies, SSL, screen sizes, maps, SQLite database integration, and an example of a dynamic database Blog program and more. Many screen grabs have been added to show the results of teh code with a helpful index to find topics quickly. The book is in PDF format with example chapter folders containing Xojo source code and running examples.

This is one of the many available books at Xojo Library where many great Xojo resources are available. 

Here is the free Table Of Contents to provide a preview of the book and its topics.

ISBN: 978-1-927924-07-5