Windows Store: Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Most of our services can be enjoyed without having to communicate with us with any personal data, but in some cases it may be required to provide certain information to access our services. This privacy policy describes the collection and processing of data in such cases. This privacy statement applies only to the services made by us with our applications and in the Windows Store. 

Collection and use of personal data

Personal information will be requested only in cases where such information is necessary to identify or contact you. For solving compatibility issues and troubleshooting programs, it may be necessary to gather information about the hardware and software used. We may disclose personal information only if required by law or in case there is the firm belief that such action is necessary to:

  1. comply with laws and local regulations
  2. protect and defend rights or property

We do not collect any information about you, and do not use tracking software such as cookies or other technical means. 

Differences between Real-World and Simulations

Programs which involve simulations are able to determine general trends. Because there are a large number of variables in the real world, simulations should be verified under various operating conditions that are history-matched, which helps determine the certainty of forecasts. Simulations are not designed to replace common-sense. 

Scientific Specialties