Welcome to Well Injection Estimator (WIE). Well injection estimator is a program to provide an estimated theoretical injection rate with a minimal set of data. This information is then used for exploration, development, well workovers, and more. Although this program is not a substitute for professionals with many years of experience, the program does provide another data point that should be considered with the well asset.

This program is currently going through the steps for submission in the Windows Store that is available on your Windows 10 computer!

General information about the well or potential well is added to the program and then press the calculate button to quickly calculate the theoretical injection rate. Metric and Imperial units can be mixed as there are many countries which use both unit types at the same time. 

Two example wells are provided in each of the two units (Imperial and Metric). The screen information can be saved with the File->Screen Grab menu item which will prompt you to save the PNG picture of the program on your computer.

This program allows 'What-if' scenarios to be determined. An example question would be 'What if the well Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP) were increased by 500 psi, then how much extra fluid would the well theoretically be able to inject?'. Valuable information like this would help justify the work needed for an adjustment in well parameters.