ThreadsNTimersThis book “I Wish I Knew How to ... Program Threads and Timers with Xojo Desktop” shows you how to use timers to refresh the GUI and threads to perform background tasks with your computer to increase the program execution speed.

Examples were written with Xojo 2017 R2.1, and work on Windows 10, OSX High Sierra, and Linux Ubuntu. All examples were also tested in 32-bit and 64-bit mode.

There are 5 chapters and more than 60 pages with 13 example programs.
Examples include using threads, Timers in the Classic and New Framework, looping vs killing a thread, AddressOf and WeakAddressOf.... and much more. Many screenshots have been added to show the results of the code with an index to help find topics quickly.

MicrosoftStoreHave you ever wanted to have your application viewed by many people in different countries? This free article provides the steps and example commands to help guide you through the process of taking your Xojo program and making it available in the Microsoft Store that is available on all Windows 10 operating systems. Click the Read More: Build an AppX Installer for Microsoft Store with Xojo button below to learn more about this document and to download the article.

Chip5 300x300Increase your knowledge and understanding of MemoryBlocks with Xojo for memory management. MemoryBlocks are similar to Pointers in the C++ language, except they are for Xojo. This book provides working examples to modify memory, work with structures, and work with binary files. Eugene goes through Bitwise Operations, classic and new framework reading and writing of memory blocks, adding, editing, and removing data, and binary streams.

MemoryBlocks are difficult to master, and provide added speed and flexibility to your programs. Because this is a more challenging topic, there are few resources that are written and even less examples are available. This book provides information and examples on how to work through each solution whether you are a beginning or advanced Xojo programmer.

CubeWindows Registry is the heart and soul of your computer, and can change the applications when you right-mouse-click your desktop, to remembering your window position. This book show the fundamental programming parts that work with Xojo to change the registry with your program. With great power comes great responsibility - always backup your computer before making changes! 

This book I Wish I Knew How to … Program Windows 10 Registry with Xojo shows how to perform multiple changes (CRUD) with the registry.

The ‘I Wish I Knew’ series contains technical data and advice that makes sense and contains practical and numerous examples with explanations to allow you to ease into the steep programming curve. There are many examples with both pure Xojo code and also this book has a module which contains the Delcare API's to further increase your programming options.